Monday, November 8, 2010


I found all sorts of good clearance stuff yesterday.

Halloween was 90% off (candy 75% off). Surprisingly, there were loads of costumes left (FYI -$40 costumes = $4!! at 90% off).

Toddler Circo 4 piece bedding sets were $14.98 original price $29.99. This is the lowest I have seen them at my Target so I went ahead and bought 2 different ones. I didn't want to chance waiting for them to be marked down more and then them not being there.

Here are some of the things I bought:

8 plastic Halloween Pumpkins @ .10 cents each (I saw people use these as planters for Halloween- looked cute)

4 Ceramic Halloween Piggy Banks (2 Frankenstein 2 Witches) @.99 cents each

2 Halloween socks Adults (1 - 2 pack and 1 pair) @.50 cents each

3 Hersheys Pillow Cases @ .48 cents each

1 Light Up Pumpkin Keyring .10 cents

1 Cocktail Halloween Napkins .15 cents

1 Spiderman Plush Pail .80 cents

I didn't get pictures of everything because some things went straight to storage.

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