Saturday, November 13, 2010


I some how totally forgot that yesterday while stopping to pick up a movie (RedBox free code from wags deal) that I noticed that I had coolant leaking. I could tell that there was some sort of leak (thinking a hose) because I could kind of see 3 little spurts of it. I then had an appointment to go to and did not have time to cancel. Then went home and just now remembered. Grrr.

So now with a list of 5 million other things I have to do on Monday (including like 5 loads of laundry - thanks to my son deciding to wet the bed!) I have to some how drop off my vehicle which means I will have to rely on the bus. GASP! I hate the bus. There is no way I can take all that laundry with me on the bus since I have to go to the laundry mat.

Why do things always break down when you have no one to help you? There is no one that will be available to drive me around on Monday since everyone will be at work!!

I will be crossing my fingers that it is just the hose and nothing else. Hoses should be pretty cheap,easy and fast.

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