Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I already received my SeeHere order. I received it today!! I ordered it on the 28th. That was super fast!!

It's gorgeous!! I have wanted one of these forever but they are expensive. So it was great to get one for only $16.

You can still get in on the deal since it does not expire until the 3rd (tomorrow).

Wood photo keepsake box. $29.99

50% off and Free Shipping with code : keepsake -2 Expires 11/03!!

Your special treasures deserve a special place.
Create a one of a kind keepsake box to mark a special event.
Just choose a picture and if you’re feeling more creative, add text and a design.5” w x 5” h x 21/2” d
Cherry wood with tile image.

go to : seehere.com

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