Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sorry for my absenteeism lately. Let's just say I was/am having massive computer issues (still kind of am).

My IE barely works now. Something was wrong with the outside line. Then I have loads of viruses on my computer. Trend Micro House Call virus scan for some reason is not working for me. :( It will do the whole virus scan but when it is finished scanning it goes blank before giving me the option to fix things. I am now using Avast but I notice it slows my computer down really bad. It did supposedly get rid of lots of viruses but who knows. I spent probably a total of 2 hours on the phone with Bright House this past week so now I have no minutes left on my cell phone. :( Also my router no longer works so that means no Vonage phone for me!

Also my son was extremely sick Friday night and made a lovely mess of my carpet and couch. Ick. Luckily he seems to be fine now. :)

It has been a huge nightmare. I don't currently have it in my budget for a new router. I am sure I can get one for cheap ($40?) but there are other things I need and had planned to buy. A router just has not been on my list.

Lots of good sales this week. Looking forward to picking up loads of things on Thanksgiving day at both CVS and Walgreens. I also plan to hit Target tomorrow and hopefully get A Christmas Carol for $14.99 for the BluRay 4 pack. If it is still $29.99 use the $10 off DMR coupon and then use the $5 off in ad coupon. Still more than I would like to spend for it but I don't think I will get it any cheaper.

Well, let's hope my computer issues get resolved asap!!

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