Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Wags Trips this Saturday

I want to try and roll some of my many RRs to get them to last a tad longer so they will be hopefully, easier to roll for Thanksgiving day. Too many good things to pass up on that day!

I have (4) $5 RRs that I want to roll. I figure I will just buy more Zarbees. Not too happy about having to drive to a whole bunch of different Walgreens today seeing that I am sick but for me it looks slim pickings next week (Sunday) so I want to roll them while I can.

I am hoping for an out of pocket total of $3.96 to get a total of $24 in RRs back which gives me a profit of $20.04!

I will update later after I go to the store and let you know how I did. I need to take a shower and get ready. I slept until like 11:30 this morning! I took Theraflu last night plus the Sinex and a melatonin. I took them all spaced out but yeah, I slept rather good last night. lol Which I needed to because I am sick! :(

Register Rewards are generally good for 2 weeks I want to say so I will have to figure something out. My goal is to have a lot to use on Thanksgiving day for the sale.

Update- I was only able to buy 2. I went to 4 stores and bought the last one at one and then bought another at a different store. Only 2 of the 4 stores had them. My stores do not allow more than one transaction when it comes to RRs or else I could have bought some more at one of the stores. These new RRs expire on the 20th so I still need to roll some RRs to use for 11/25.

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