Sunday, April 17, 2011

Realistic Extreme Couponing -All This for 63 Cents!

I went to CVS since I had some ecbs expiring and I bought the following:

Paas Easter Egg Dye Kit $1.99
GE Light Bulb $2.99
Nivea Body Wash $3.88
Essence of Beauty Hand Sanitizer $3.99

Total before coupons,ecbs and tax = $12.85

Coupons and ecbs I used:

$5 ecb
$3.99 off Essence of Beauty product (Facebook)
$1 off GE Light Bulb (this Sunday's coupons)
$3 off Nivea Body Wash (this Sunday's coupons)

New Total after coupons,ecbs and taxes = $0.63!!

The cashier actually had to change my $5ecb into $4.86 for it to work because of tax so I lost 14 cents but who cares!

I also got back $1.99 ecbs for the Paas and $2 ecbs for the GE Light bulb.

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