Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Movies I Bought Today at Blockbuster

Some of them I have no clue what they are even about (the ones without covers). I had planned to walk around the store looking for the same ones with covers to see if I wanted them but then realized it was later then I thought. So I just went ahead and bought them.

Here is the list:

Without covers:
The Wicker Man @ 99 cents x2 (did not realize I grabbed 2 of them) = $1.98
Tenure @ 99 cents
Come Early Morning @ 99 cents (I have a massive crush on Jeffrey Donovan)
The Mars Pease Experience @ 99 cents
In The Loop @ 99 cents
When Did You Last See Your Father @ 99 cents
Charlie Bartlet @ 99 cents
Two Weeks @ 99 cents

With covers:
The X- Files -Fight The Future $2.99
The X- Files -I Want To Believe $2.99
There Will Be Blood $2.99 (great movie)
Youth In Revolt $2.99 (I thought it was pretty funny)
A Perfect Getaway $2.99 (I really liked this movie)
Dorian Gray $2.99 (I love Colin Firth so hopefully it is good - also hoping it is based on the Oscar Wilde book?)

Total for all 15 movies = $28.87 which equals about $1.92 per movie. Not too bad! Movies without covers were 99 cents each and movies with covers were $2.99 each. I plan to go back next week since I am thinking movies will be $1.99 each (they seem to go down a dollar a week).

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