Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pyrex Sale

I have been wanting to get rid of most of my plastic food storage containers for sometime now. I have been looking at the Pyrex ones but they are rather expensive. I think I did pretty good on this order. I shouldn't have really bought anything but I could not pass up the pretty glasses.

Here is my order:

Item Description Price Quantity Total

Storage 4-cup Round Dish w/ Plastic Cover $2.99 1 $2.99

4-cup Round Storage Plus Dish $2.99 1 $2.99

Coordinates® Cherry Blossom 8-oz Acrylic Glass $2.99 4 $11.96 (buy 2 get 1 free)

6-pc Storage Plus Set (2 cup) $7.99 1 $7.99

8-pc Storage Set (1 cup) $10.39 1 $10.39

Coordinates® Cherry Blossom 8-oz Acrylic Glass $2.99 Free 2 Free

Subtotal $36.32

Ground Shipping $8.95

Sales Tax $2.04

Discounts ($7.26) use code Z03503 for 20% off

Order Total $40.05

You've saved $13.24 on this order.

This works out to about $2.67 each piece (I do not count lids as a separate piece). I will now have safe items to use in the microwave and fridge instead of using plastic.

You can check out their sale they are having right now with loads of pieces for only $2.99. It is Shop World Kitchen and I have bought from them before and really liked their prices and the way they packed the order. Here is a previous order of mine. They wrapped each thing in bubble wrap the last time I ordered from them.

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