Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. For us it ended up being a very long night. Right as we were about to leave it started down pouring so did not end up leaving my mum's until about 8:30 at night. It was a very nice time though.

I am beyond tired right now and feeling a tad under the weather (I have the worst allergies to my mother's dog).

I did already have wonderful breakfast/snack/early lunch consisting of the following leftovers:

2 cupcakes YIKES!
piece of pumpkin bread
2 deviled eggs (made with spicy horseradish muster YUMMY!)
various cheese, pickles and olives

Now drinking some Cafe Vienna coffee and going to lay on the couch and watch "Unstoppable".

Then will be off to run errands:
Walgreens (have RRs expiring today)
CVS (have ecbs expiring today)
return movie to Publix Blockbuster Express Kiosk
post office to check to see if I got any mail
then go and pick my son up from school

Will then come home and do dishes and try and clean up somewhat.

Would love to do nothing but lie in bed all day reading a good book. :(

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