Friday, April 22, 2011

My Love and Hate Trip to Walmart Today

I went today to get pictures taken of my son. Unfortunately, even though they called me TWO times to confirm, it was not in the system or I should say they put the appointment at a different store. Can I say how EXTREMELY mad I was???? VERY UNHAPPY with Picture Me Portrait Studios. Wasn't offered anything for the inconvinence nor was the manager even apologetic about it. I did not have all day to wait around to be tried to fit inbetween other customers.

O.k. so that made me in a very, very bad mood. I needed to get my son's pictures taken and today was and pretty much is the only day that actually would work. Not sure when the next time on a week day in the morning we could do this.

On with the Walmart trip. Like I said I was irked so I am surprised my Walmart shopping trip worked out decently.

I bought all of the following for less than $10!

Connect 4 Toy Story Game $7
3 Kotex pantyliners @ $1.24 each = $3.72
2 Reach Floss @ .88 cents each = $1.76
Leopard Duct Tape $3.37 (I needed duct tape and figured I would get a cool kind)
White Cloud 6 pack Toilet Paper $2
2 Similac Formulas @ $3.84 each = $7.68 (I have a friend who uses this so this works out perfect - formula for her and overage for me!)

Total before coupons and taxes = $25.53

I asked the cashier if she wanted me to do 2 transactions but she said she did not care (normally I would have only bought 1 but since I was in such a crappy mood I did something I would NEVER do and bought 2). Coupon limits one per transaction.

Coupons I used:

(3) $1 off Kotex
(2) $1 off Reach
(2) $5 off Similac
$3 off Connect 4
Totally forgot to give her a $1 off coupon for White Cloud :(

New total after coupons and taxes = $8.78 Used a giftcard to pay with.

Will submit for another Tombstone pizza!!! Which will make 4 free pizzas!!

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