Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Neighbor Drives Me Insane!!!

He works 3rd shift and lives above me. Because he works third shift he thinks and expects me to be as quiet as a mouse all day long while he sleeps. This means: no tv, no microwave (yes, no using the microwave), no blender, no food processor and nothing else that makes any type of noise whatsoever.

I can totally understand being as quiet as possible through the hours of say 8/9pm to 8/9 am. But I am talking about all day long.

Yet, he thinks nothing of the following: parking his bicycle either right by my bedroom or bathroom window (which could mean at 3 am parking it there), washing his floors at 2am (which I can clearly hear while I am laying in bed trying to sleep),or having a friend over at 9pm and talking and walking loudly.

Seriously, he just heard my microwave go off and I heard him make an annoyed grunting sound. Yesterday around 5pm I had put my son in his bedroom and had him in time out. Unfortunately, my son thinks nothing of yapping away the entire time he is in time out. Talking to who I have no clue but I swear my son never stops talking! And the man upstairs seriously went down his stairs to where my son's bedroom window is and stood there and listened!!! It was 5pm!!! And my son was not being THAT loud. We are supposed to apparently whisper when we are home. Which is complete B/S if you ask me.

Now, I am a quiet person by nature my son not so much so. Though I do try to make him be as quiet as possible. And no, he is not the loudest child but just a normal child who makes some noise. That's what kids do.

When my son was smaller and he would cry (since babies do that)the man upstairs would stomp his feet. I am not lying. He would actually stomp his feet. I mean who does that??? This man isn't even that old. I think he may be younger than myself.

I worked 3rd shift before and I never expected my neighbors to change their lives for me. If you work 3rd shift you know that you need something to block out some noise. A fan, ac unit, air purifier all of these things work. He has 3 or 4 ac units for his tiny apartment so he could turn one of those on.

Also he smokes ( A LOT) and leaves his door open which means I can not have any windows open or else smoke comes in. I had a window fan for my computer area (I only have 2 window ac units in my house - so no ac for computer/kitchen/dining area) and my entire place smelled like cigarette smoke.

Obviously, I try my hardest to be quiet and keep my son quiet if he is home. But we should not have to whisper, tiptoe and lay perfectly still all day just for this man. I mean he walks around the house very loud and also is a loud talker (though he rarely has company) but you can hear him on his phone sometimes.

Sorry but I had to vent. I get so sick of not being able to live because of this man.

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