Friday, April 22, 2011


Went in hopes of scoring 2 Carefree pantyliners with that awesome coupon. But nope there was zip there.

Did buy the following since it was a good price for organic/natural products:

5 Annies Home Grown Cheese Raviolis $1 each = $5
5 Various Annies Home Grown Boxed Mac & Cheese $1 each = $5

Total = $9.95 since there is no tax on food and I also had my own bag (-5 cents).

According to the receipt I saved $3.95 off the canned ravioli and $3.20 on the boxed mac and cheese. So together I saved $7.15!

Upset that they apparently no longer carry the Annies Spaghetti O type with fake meat. Not sure what they are called but had planned on buying 5 of those also.

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