Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheap Halloween Costumes!

I totally forget to let everyone know this. If you are looking for super cheap Halloween costumes then go to walmart.com. I was able to buy 4 for my son (I couldn't decide) for only $12 each!!

I bought him the following:

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Child Halloween Costume; Size: S 4-6 $12.00

Toy Story Woody Child Halloween Costume; Size: S 4-6 $12.00

Marvel Classic Spider-Man Child Halloween Costume; Size: S 4-6 $12.00

Ironman Classic Mark 6 Child Halloween Costume; Size: S 4-6 $12.00

Subtotal: $48.00
Shipping: Free
Tax: $3.36
Total: $51.36

Choose site to store for free shipping!! I am going to see which one he wants to wear this year and then take the others back and get the next larger size. Unless they seem like they will fit for another year or two. We will see. I should have bought 2 in this size and 2 in the larger size but it was super early in the morning when I bought them (4am) so I was not thinking clearly.


Grace Matthews said...

I will definately have to check this out...my son wants to be Optimus Prime and the cheapest I have found so far was $35...ouch

hockey_mum said...

I know, I could not find any cheap ones anywhere online or at various stores. I rarely shop at Walmart and I decided to take a look and I can not believe how cheap they were. Of course I went overboard but at least now I know where to look for cheap costumes.