Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Trip to Target Today

O.k. I was determined to go to Target and only buy 2 items. The new Tinker Bell movie and some Kandoo wipes. Well, we all know how well that works out.

This is what I bought:

Tinker Bell Movie BluRay and DVD $22.99

Kandoo $1.65

3 Halloween Socks @ $1 each = $3

3 Regular Socks @ $1 each = $3

2 Sesame Street Cups @ $1 each = $2

2 Sesame Street Bowls @ $1 each = $2

Halloween Card .99 cents

Total before coupons and taxes = $35.63

Coupons I used :

$1 off Kandoo

New total after coupons and taxes = $26.06 (before taxes = $23.63) which is a lot better though not super great. Of course most things I bought there would never be coupons for. I also got 4 Halloween items out of the way , 1 Xmas or Bday present (the DVD) and 3 pairs of socks to go in my son's Xmas stocking.

Also the coupons worked with no issues whatsoever!! Yay!! Not sure whether the coupon issue actually got fixed or I just got lucky (I am sure it is the latter).

Like I said if you plan to buy the Tinker Bell movie buy the BluRay & Dvd combo because when using the above coupon it is cheaper than buying the regular dvd one. I don't have a BluRay player but it does not matter because it comes with a normal dvd copy. So you can either hang on to the BluRay one, give it away or even sell it.

I do have to go back to Target either today or tomorrow and have them take the DVD out of the plastic security box that they and I forgot about. This was the first DVD I ever bought that had it on it. I came home and was trying to figure out how to get it out and then decided I better call them and ask. lol

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