Monday, September 27, 2010

My Wags Plans for the Week

There are loads of goodies for free or close to free after RRs.

Here are my plans and I hope they go as planned:

1st Store

Hyland $4.99
Sandwich bags .99 cents
Total after tax before coupons = $6.40
Coupons and RRs to use:
$1.50 off Hylands
New Total = .90 cents
Get back $5RR

2nd Store

Vaseline Sheer Infusion $5.99
Total after tax before RR = $6.41
Minus $5RR from previous purchase
New Total = $1.41
Get back $5RR

3rd Store

Emergen C $3.49
Sinux $6
Total before coupons and rr's but after tax = $10.15
$4 MC for Sinux
New Total = $1.15
Get back $3.50RR Emergen C + $2RR Sinux

4th Store

Vaseline Sheer Infusion $5.99
Halloween Cup .13 cents (filler)
Total before RRs and after tax = $6.55
$3.50RR - $2RR
New Total = $1.05
Get back $5RR

As you can see I could just keep doing this all week if I wanted. But I will probably stop at this 4th transaction. The $5RR will be saved for the following week.

I will spend out of pocket $4.51 but have leftover $5RR so I will actually make a profit of .49 cents. This is of course if each store I go to has the items I need.

So for less than $5 I will get all of the following:

2 Vaseline Sheer Infusions

1 Hyland Cough and Cold

1 Emergen C

1 Sinux

1 Walgreens Baggies

1 Halloween Cup

The total cost for the above without tax is $27.58.

*I may add 1 more trip:

Emergen C $3.49
Carmex $2.99 or $3.49?
Total $6.93 or $7.47
Use 5RR + $1MC = either .93 cents or $1.47
Get back $2RR Carmex and $3.50 RR from Emergen C
Carmex is no longer a RR deal!!

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