Monday, September 27, 2010

My Wags Trips ~ Total for Everything $4.85!!

I decided to do them all in one day and get them over with. I went ahead and did the 5th extra trip also which did not work as planned since the Carmex monthly deal is actually over. I may go do one more tomorrow and do the Hylands again.

I did these at 5 different stores. My stores do not allow multiple transactions. Luckily, I have loads of these stores going and coming from my home, work and my son's school.

1st Store

Hyland $4.99
Sandwich bags .99 cents
Coupons and RRs to use:
$1.50 off Hylands
Total = .55 cents I forgot there is no tax on medicine.
Got back $5RR

2nd Store

Vaseline Sheer Infusion $5.99
Minus $5RR from previous purchase
New Total = $1.41
Got back $5RR

3rd Store

Emergen C $3.49
Sinux $6
$4 MC for Sinux
Total = .49 cents Again no tax on medicine.
Got back $3.50RR Emergen C + $2RR Sinux

4th Store

Vaseline Sheer Infusion $5.99
Halloween Cup .13 cents (filler)
$3.50RR - $2RR
New Total = $1.05
Got back $5RR

5th Store

Emergen C $3.49
Carmex $2.99
Workbook .74 cents (I did not need to buy just wanted to)
Use 5RR + $1MC
Total = $1.35
Got back $3.50 RR from Emergen C The Carmex is no longer a RR deal :(

Total I spent = $4.85 with $3.50RR leftover. Total of products without tax = $34.80. So I saved over $29.95!

If the Carmex would have worked I would have made money. I could have returned it but I figured I would just keep it and use it towards my Christmas stuff.

I might go back and do the Hylands $4.99 + Halloween Cup .13 cents = $5.13 (w/tax?) minus $3.50RR and $1.50MC = .13 cents with $5RR back. Then maybe go back and get another body lotion since that stuff is really good and will make a nice addition to my Christmas gift bags. I will only have to pay $1.41 for it and get $5RR back.

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