Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Cheap Way to Get Iron Man 2 on Tuesday

I like getting my son movies for his birthday and Christmas since I get to also enjoy them. Well, even though my son isn't even 4 yet he is obsessed with any kind of super hero. I don't even really know how he knows about them (I am guessing preschool) since we don't get any tv channels. But he does and he LOVES them.

CVS has a deal for Iron Man this week and next (next week is with various food items) this week it is with various P&G products. Which I am hoping I may be able to use my purchase towards the Pink gift set of cooking items that was in the coupon insert if not I will use towards the $50 coupon booklet thingie.

Anyways here is what I am hoping to purchase on Tuesday:

4 Tampax Pearl @ $2.99 each = $11.96

1 Always Pad $2.99

1 Tide $5.96

1 Natural Instincts $5.88

Total before coupons and taxes = $26.79

How the Iron Man DVD will actually ring up tax wise I don't know. So I am not 100% sure what my total will be. I am guessing it will ring up $4.99 and the tax will be on that but not sure. That is why my total varies.

Add the Iron Man to this total $26.79 + $4.99 = $31.78

Add my tax and depending on how the tax situation works out it will either be around $35.05 or $32.85.

Coupons and ECBs to use:

$5 off $30 CVS coupon from email
$8 off Tampax Pearl (4 - $2 off coupons)
$2 off Always
$1.50 off Tide
$2 off Natural Instincts
$10 ecb
$4.99 ecb (will only have to use if total is $35.05)

My new total should be close to either $1.56 or $4.35.

So either way I will get all of the above including the DVD for less than $5. I might even have my $4.99 ecb leftover to buy something else this week or next. Now I could use the $4.99 ecb and have them lower it to $4.35 and lose the difference if I want but truthfully I do not mind spending $4 something of my own money for all of this stuff.

So I will have 4 boxes of Tampax, 1 Always pads, 1 Tide and 1 Natural Instincts plus the new Iron Man DVD for less than $5. Yeah, I think I know how to shop!! :)

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