Monday, October 25, 2010

Alka - Seltzer Plus Deal at Walgreens

Alka-Seltzer is on sale for $3.99 buy 2 get $3RR buy 3 get $5RR.

Buy the Fast Crystal Packs (10pk) for $3.99 each

Use the $3 coupon that was in this Sunday's coupons and you pay only .99 cents each.

I bought 3 of them and used 3 coupons which made it $2.97 (no tax on medicine in my state- not sure about other states).

This is what I did:

3 Alka-Seltzer @ $3.99 each = $11.97
2 Wags Big Roll Toilet Paper @ .50 cents each = $1.00
Total = $12.97

(3) $3 off MC Alka-Seltzer
$2.60 RR
$1 RR

New total with tax = .44 cents!
I also got back $5RR!! Now that is what I call a good trip to the store!!

Photo later.

***Also all of these Fast Crystal Packs had $1 peelies on them so if you don't have the $3 off coupons you can still get an o.k. deal.

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