Friday, October 8, 2010

Hurry!!! $5 off Halloween at CVS Prints More Than Once!!

You know that wonderful $5 off Halloween stuff coupon that printed from the red coupon/scanner thing at CVS? Well, it prints more than once! I tested that theory today after reading about it online. And yep, it printed again on both my card and my mom's card.

So I scored the following at 2 different stores:

Halloween Door Mat $4.99 minus $5 off coupon = free!!

2 Small Light Up Pumpkins 2 for $5 minus $5 off coupon = free!!

I did buy other items while I was there but items and receipts are in the car (don't want my son to see them).

Will update later with photos.

It is worth going to CVS to scan your card to get this coupon for some free Halloween stuff.

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