Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My 2 CVS Trips this Week with Beauty and the Beast DVD for less than $6!

My first trip was with my mother's card (I still can't understand why she never shops there) on Monday.

I bought the following:

1 Revlon Nail Polish $3.99
1 Halloween Table Cloth $4.99
1 Halloween Pretzels Mini Packs $2.50 (not pictured)

Total before taxes and ecbs = $11.48
$5 off Halloween Items (from red machine)
$4.99 ECB

New Total = $1.49 plus tax plus I got $3ecb back for the nail polish

My second trip was on Tuesday with my card and I bought the following:

Beauty and the Beast Blu Ray Combo Pack $24.99
2 Halloween Decorations @$2.50 each = $5.00

Total before coupons,ecbs and tax = $29.99

$10 off Beauty and the Beast
$1 ecb Summer Spending (actually the less you get is better since it means you don't pay much out of pocket when you shop at CVS) granted, it would have been nice to have a larger one lol
$5 off Halloween items CVS coupon

New total after coupons and tax = $5.67

Then as I was walking out I realized the stack able deck chairs (not pictured) were only $2.49 each. So I went ahead and bought one for when I take my son to the park and I get tired of walking around/standing while he is playing. I paid the total price out of pocket for that.

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