Saturday, October 23, 2010

Winter Will Be Approaching Before We Know It

It is way to early to be up. I can't sleep so I decided to try and get some posts up for the next week. Blogging is so very time consuming.

I am pretty happy with the Old Navy orders I have placed lately. Unfortunately, I am charging them but the deals are too good to pass up on. Also who knows what will happen in a few months when I need the items. Lord knows my job loves to lay people off.

So far I have ordered the following for myself for this winter:

4 Long Sleeve Waffle T's
1 Frost Free (puffy) Jacket
6 Fleece Pull Overs

I think I am almost set with clothes for this winter. I definitely was not prepared last year. I just need to add some thin t-shirts to wear underneath the pull overs since they are all v neck (I hate v necks) and also buy some warm pjs and some sweats for around the house.

I bought my son's winter stuff last year for this year and I am already started for next year for him.

So far just from Old Navy I have gotten him:

2 Long Sleeve Waffle T's
5 Fleece Pull Overs

And I know I have some other items in a box for that year also. I know I will have to stock up on pants and shoes mainly. Since lots of his shirts from this year will more than likely fit him next year.

I wonder what other sales Old Navy will be having this year? I hope they have some super cheap deals on pants for him (like 5 bucks). I generally shop The Children's Place (online) when they have their sales. You can get stuff for so cheap it isn't even funny. I actually find it cheaper to buy new on clearance then to buy used.

Also make sure you always go through MyPoints first to see if you will get points for your purchases. Which you can redeem for gift certificates for all sorts of places. My favorites are for Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens! But they have so many to choose from. I have been a member since 2002!

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