Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Target - Motts Applesauce and Juice

Buy 5 and you get a $5 giftcard. The applesauce are $1.67 each so $8.35 for 5 plus a $5 giftcard. You could look at it this way you are getting them for 67 cents each if you minus the giftcard!

I was happy they had the sugar free kind included. I only feed my son the sugar free applesauces.

I got 5 today and probably will go back for 5 more tomorrow after work. I might even get 5 more on Friday.

I believe the juice is $1.75 but I could be wrong. Check your sales flyer for more info.


Grace Matthews said...

I seriously need to learn to shop better. I suck at saving money.

hockey_mum said...

I always thought I was good at being frugual and then I became a mother. Now I KNOW I am good at being frugal! lol

I make WAY less money than I did prior to having a kid. My bills are Way higher now that I have a kid and yet I probably buy more things now then I ever did. O.k. so the stuff is generally not for me but still. I wish I knew as much about coupons back then as I do now. I could have so much money in the bank now if only...