Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last Day!! CVS $5 off Halloween Items

It has been reported on various forums online that the $5 off Halloween items is printing 3 times (or more?) for some people! I did go today and I scanned both my card and my mom's but for us we did not get a third $5 off coupon. But if you have nothing else to do or will be near a CVS today you might want to go in and scan your card to see if you also will get a third $5 off Halloween coupon.

I went on Tuesday and Friday and got the coupons each day on both cards. The fact that I went Friday is maybe the reason I did not get it today? Maybe it is an every other day coupon? I have no clue. But I am very sad that I did not get it today again. I scanned each card until it said no more coupons for you today. So remember after scanning it once you can keep scanning it until it says that.

I wish I would have been more attentive this week and would have went to CVS each day just to scan both cards. I could have gotten all of those cute Peanuts Halloween figurines that are $6.99 each for $1.99 each with that coupon. :(

There are plenty of Halloween items for less than $5. You can even use it on something less and then the overage can be used on your other items.

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