Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beauty and the Beast Blu Ray DVD Combo Pack - Tuesday

CVS will have it for $24.99 and you can print a $10 off coupon at Disney Movie Rewards which will bring your total down to $14.99. Then of course use any ECBs that you have to make it even cheaper. I have a $10 ECB to use from the Revlon lipstick from 2 weeks ago. So I will be getting it at $4.99 plus tax. Not too shabby for both the Blu Ray and regular DVD.

Again remember if you don't have a Blu Ray player it does not matter because it comes with the normal dvd also. It will more than likely be cheaper to buy it this way and use the coupon then to buy the regular dvd.

The movie doesn't come out until Tuesday. I have not seen Target's ad yet so I don't know what price they will have it at. I am not sure if they will have the regular dvd priced at below $14.99 or not.

This is one of those Disney movies that will be limited (I hate this and think it is extremely wrong) so if you want to buy it now would probably be the best time.

This movie will make a great Christmas present.

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