Saturday, October 16, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon @ CVS

I want to buy this movie for my son. Again I like to buy movies for his bdays and Christmas presents since we both get to enjoy them! Yeah, kind of evil huh? lol

Cvs has a deal that you can get the movie for $9.99 if you buy $20 worth of select Hershey's candy. All I can think is seriously more candy? I really wish with both CVS and Walgreens they would have their ecb and rr deals a tad more healthy. They always seem to be with the following:

sugary cereals
cereal bars
pop/soda whatever you call it I don't drink it!
and candy

But I have 2 choices buy the movie for $? or I can get both the movie and the candy for $29.99 (but close to free after ecbs and coupons). I of course will then add the candy to the box of food items I am donating.

But I will be using coupons and ecbs so I will be paying very little out of pocket for all of this. Which is why I am buying this dvd at CVS. I am basically going to get it free after coupons and ecbs. Same goes for all of that candy it too will be free or close after coupons and ecbs.

I just called 5 different CVSs until I found one that didn't sell out already or never received it. I asked them to save one back for me and left them my name. I hope they actually hold it back for me. I guess they had 8 copies left. This is how it was for me for the Avatar deal. It took 8 stores until I found one!!

Now the real trick will be taking my son with me to CVS while making this purchase. I will need to be super sneaky so he doesn't see the movie. Hopefully, the cashier will be helpful in this trickery!

**Will update scenario below after I look through my coupons and ecbs.
This is what I plan to buy :
4 bags of Hershey's candy 2 for $5 = $10
4 bags of Hershey's pieces 2 for $5 = $10
Total = $20 which lets me get the dvd for $9.99
20 + 9.99 = 29.99 plus tax (on movie only) = $30.69
minus various ecbs and coupons (ecbs are in the car so can't recall exact amounts as of yet) but I do have a $5 off $25 printable.

Coupons that should work for the the Hershey's deal:
$1.00 off 1 bag 11oz or larger of Special Dark Miniatures, Nuggets or Kisses 09/19/SS
.50 cents off 1 bag 10 oz. or larger of Pieces 09/12/10SS

I have 4 each of these coupons so that will take off $6 right there to bring it down to $14 for the candy. Actually, it looks like I have (5) of the $1.00 off ones.

$14 candy + 9.99 dvd = 23.99 - $5 off cvs coupon = $18.99 minus whatever ecbs I have in car. I want to say I have at least $15 in ecbs.

Let's hope they have lots of the Special Dark and have the Pieces also.

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