Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's Stuff

I realized I had a $3RR that expired today so I went to Walgreens and bought the following:

Blistex $2.59
Sesame Street Halloween Coloring Book .59 cents

I paid .23 cents for both after the $3RR and received a $2.60RR back.

Photo later.

I went and did some much needed laundry only to discover that either the one dryer did not work or someone took my stuff out and put theirs in to use up my $1. Which meant I had to use 50 cents to somewhat dry them (which means they were still wet). But I didn't have anymore money on me. :(

I hate going to the laundry mat. It skeeves me big time!

I watched the movie Twilight New Moon. I am not a Twilight fan but I could not find any other movie to rent. Use Blockbuster Express code : MNDY1 for a free rental today. It was an o.k. movie. But Jacob's very bad weave or wig annoyed me. Same goes with the jean shorts and no shirt look. Very annoying. lol

Right now I am choking on the Freebreeze that I used in my bedroom. My place gets so moldy and gross. I hate living here. :( It's damp and dark in here all the time. Kind of like living in a cave. Really it's that awesome! lol

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