Sunday, October 17, 2010

Veggie Pasta Crockpot Bake

The various ingredients:

Chopped up veggies and cheese chunks:

I always cover the chopped up eggplant with salt and then let it sit for awhile. This is the nasty liquid that comes off eggplant:

Yuck! Then I rinse it off really well.

I sprayed the crock pot with Pam first and then added sauce and veggie mixture.

Added non cooked pasta on top of veggie mixture.

Ricotta cheese on top of the sauce, veggies, and pasta.

Repeat and add sauce to the very top like so.

All ingredients mixed and cooking.

Looks done to me.

The finished product. Yes, again with paper plates. I have only been using them when we eat the crockpot dinners. Seriously, it is the same pack!

I used 1 of the zucchinis and 2 of the squash and the whole eggplant. Let's just say way too much eggplant. But I knew it would go bad otherwise.

The outcome: my son actually ate it. Which is a huge surprise. He ate it a couple days in a row too with no complaints. Which is extremely rare. Let's just say I have a massive complainer for a son.

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