Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toy Story 3 Deal at CVS 10/31

I am loving these movie deals! O.k. so this one is a hard one. So far there really aren't any great coupons to pair with this deal. This one starts next Sunday.

Buy $25 worth of these products and get Toy Story 3 for $3.99.

Tide $19.97 YIKES! $1 off coupon

Charmin $9.97 again YIKES! .25 cents off coupon

Always $5.97 $2 off coupon still not great

Pantene $3.47 $1 off any 2 coupon

Crest 2 for $5.50 $1 off or a .75 cents off coupon

Nice and Easy $5.97 coupon will be in 10/31 coupon insert

Puffs .97 cents .25 cents off coupon

Duracell $5.97 .75 cents off coupon

Bounty $6.97 .25 cents off coupon

Dawn .97 cents .25 cents off coupon and .50 cents off coupon for the Hand Renewal (so far the best bet but it isn't like you can buy 26 of these!)

I figure I will buy toilet paper (since you always need toilet paper) even though I do not at all like Charmin. I will use the crappy lousy 25 cent off coupon with it. I mean really a 25 cent coupon?
Then I will buy as many Dawn Hand Renewals as I have coupons for which so far is 2. I am hoping for at least 4 (I am not a shelf clearer which is EXTREMELY rude).

So that will make my total (pre coupons) to be $9.97 + $3.88 (4x.97) = $13.85 which leaves $11.15 left to spend.

I guess I can add 2 Always for $5.97 each (minus 2 $2 off coupons). Which is $11.94. Which then makes my total $25.79

Now for the coupons :

.25 cents off
$2 off (4 - 50cent coupons)
$4 off (2 $2 off coupons)

New total = $19.54 OUCH!

Minus ecbs:


New Total = $2.56 plus tax.

Then I will go back on Tuesday (movie doesn't come out until Tuesday) and buy the movie for $3.99 plus tax. I am hoping I will get an email for a $off$$ coupon to use towards the above deal to make it better. I would love to be able to save the $5.98 ecb to use towards the movie. Most of the above coupons expire on Sunday so I will have to buy everything (except the movie) then and go back with the coupon (that will print) for the movie on Tuesday when it comes out. I sure hope I have good luck finding the movie. Though the coupon does not expire for 30 days after it prints. So that is good to know.

So for about $6.56 plus tax (not sure if tax will work out to be on pre coupon price - it should- or not and also depending on how the movie rings up).

Toy Story 3 DVD
Charmin 20 roll
2 Always
4 Dawn

So with tax I am thinking less than 10 bucks for all those items. Not too bad. But I have done much better with these dvd deals in the past. Like this one.

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